Bank Term Deposit And Its Advantages

A bank term deposit refers to the depositing of a certain sum of money at a bank where the depositor is able to earn an interest on a monthly basis or whenever the term matures. The term is fixed as well as the rate of interest that is paid unless the investor negotiates with the bank for getting the interest on a monthly basis.

This is one way that many people are able to earn an income for themselves by investing their money. When money is deposited for a period of time it can only be withdrawn at the end of the term agreed upon by the bank and the depositor. The guaranteed return at a fairly high interest rate is the attraction here. This is an effective way of locking away savings so that it will not be spent unnecessarily.

Another advantage apart from earning an interest on the term deposit is the ability of the depositor to secure a loan against the fixed deposit. This way the depositor can even finance a small business as the interest rate that is charged for such a loam is only slightly higher than what the depositor would be earning from the initial deposit.

Finance Homework Help Complete Understanding Of Maths

What is Finance? It is actually the management of flow of the money in any company or firm that deals with the financial decisions. They call as Finance is all about of the investing or saving or they can say managing of your money in the order of multiplications.

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Asian Markets Have The Best Opportunities for Investors

Any investor must learn the importance of global diversification and there are numerous reasons to seeking opportunities outside of your home market. From having more ways to make money during periods of growth, to gaining a greater ability to diversify and protect yourself during periods of regional and international anxiety, there are numerous benefits to investing abroad./p>

Good investors thrive when they have options, and looking for other stocks abroad gives you a broad range of them. Different currencies, stocks, and even the possibility to manipulate time zones by trading in markets around the globe at any time of day that you wish all have the potential to make you rich.

Regardless of where you live, chances are that somewhere in other markets there is an opportunity that is better than anything within your own borders. Maybe a large platinum deposit was just found in Cambodia, or Taiwanese researchers are on the verge of finding a breakthrough cure for a deadly illness? With the right planning and foreign accounts in place, you can increase your versatility and act on money-making opportunities before the rest of the world does. Foresight is key for putting yourself in a position to react quickly to international trends.

Global diversification not only can also help you gain wealth, but can assist in keeping it. Having assets in other markets will protect you from a possible economic crisis in your own. No nation is immune to disaster, but a governmental economic, or inflationary crisis in one region will have a much lesser effect on a different one.

During rough times, many different things can happen with little notice. Stocks might plummet, or a country’s currency may become useless. As governments become more indebeted, some have even tried to confiscate the private property of their citizens. Planning for the worst is able to give you peace of mind and may also shield you later down the line. Even if nothing bad happens, you will not be worse off for having your money in a stable jurisdiction such as Hong Kong.

In closing, protecting your assets by spreading them internationally is a requirement for any investor with foresight.

Want to find opportunities in countries like China,Vietnam and Malaysia, and benefit from Asia’s rise? Start profiting from global markets right now!

Cash Flows . Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Financing Business Cash Flow And Capital Management

Working Capital is an area of business that requires solutions that revolve around timing. Timing is everything when it comes to the fundamental problem of managing and solving the cash flow conundrum!Let’s examine some of those solutions using the example of a company trying to grow… which is what it’s all about is it not?!

This is when what we could call your ‘ cash flow cycle ‘ needs to be both understood… and addressed. That’s because the concept of timing has just kicked in … your have produced your goods or provided your services and a specific amount of time has lapsed as you now generate revenues via invoicing… and wait for payment. It’s no secret that that whole cycle varies between each company and industry. But whether your cycle is 30 days or 120 days the effects of that timing require certain activities to be financed.

The timing around this cycle, as well as the solutions that your bring to bear makes or breaks your overall liquidity and solvency – aka ‘ Survival’!Example of the need to finance that cycle are should be quite clear – your firm must buy supplies or inventory, at the same time taking on payables. Wages and salaries must be covered and then you’re in the waiting game when it comes to delivery and acceptance of your goods and services, as well as final payment from your clients based on your credit terms. It’s therefore no secret to the business owner to see that using our example it can easily take those 30-120 days for a dollar to in effect flow through your company.

Again… it’s ‘ timing’!When you look at your balance sheet you see that the ratios of current assets and liabilities have also changed dramatically. You’re unfortunately less liquid and this can only be solved by financing the shortages you have carried. Of course your customer could pre pay you in advance for orders, or pay you ‘ cash on delivery ‘ but that’s not the perfect world we dream about.Financing business cash flow is all about monetizing and managing your assets.

Solutions in Canada include:

Receivable financing
Commercial bank lines of credit
Asset based lines of credit
Sale lease backs
Tax credit monetization
Purchase Order and Supply Chain financing

Utilize one or a combination of solutions to manage the ‘ patterns’ of financing that your business needs. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist your with putting together a solution that addresses the timing of cash flows and capital in your business.

Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Love You 5 Signs To Watch For

So your relationship has taken a turn for the worse and you have broken up. The problem is you’re still deeply in love with your ex-boyfriend and you’re trying to figure out what to do. What I’m here to tell you is do not despair. There is hope!

One thing you need to realize is that when most people break up, there’s still time to repair the relationship. Usually. If the couple is able to make amends, the relationship ends up being stronger than ever before. But, the question remains,”does your ex-boyfriend still love you?” I will give you five signs to watch for to see if he does.

1. One of the first and foremost signs to look for to know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you is that he wants to save the friendship part of the relationship. If he makes the suggestion that the two of you remain friends, then that’s probably a pretty good signal that he still has some love for you. When he asks if you would still be interested in remaining friends, remain strong, confident and if at all possible cheerful and say yes.

2. If you happen to talk on a fairly regular basis when you run into each other, and he says he misses you and that probably has a deeper meaning that it might first appear. By your ex-boyfriend saying that he misses you, what he is really saying is that he misses being with you. He misses the intimacy, the physical contact, really meaning just the closeness you once shared. This may indicate that he is reconsidering and rekindling the relationship.

3. If he is consistently still making an effort to stay in contact with you whether it be by phone, e-mail, or text messaging, then that is probably a very good indication that he still has feelings for you and may be starting to realize he may have made a mistake.

4. He may eventually start asking your friends and his friends if you’re seeing or dating anyone else at the moment. He may be asking this for one very simple reason, he’s probably wondering where he stands right now and trying to figure out to see if maybe he will have a second chance. But, if you do want your ex-boyfriend back you should never try to make him jealous or act as if you no longer care for him. You can show a slight emotional tie to him but be as subtle as possible.

5. One of the most important signs to look for to see if your ex-boyfriend still loves you is to watch his body language when he is around you. Look for signs such as nervousness, you know… Like a nervous giggle, rubbing his hands together constantly, or puts his hands in his pockets and shuffles his feet while looking down at his feet and up at you repeatedly. This is a very good indication that he is still in love with you. Most importantly, when you are in this situation try to make him as comfortable as possible and remember that this is probably the exact same scenario that took place when you first met and the spark was ignited.